Grand Teton National Park

August 31, 2020

Our arrival to Grand Teton National Park was no less than grand! The welcoming committee of a herd of bison was accompanied by a surprise visit of bald eagles chasing each other over the snake river with the Teton Range as their backdrop.

We decided to chance getting a campsite at Gros Ventre Campground. This is a first-come, first-served campground. Arriving at 4pm was chancing it. We were in luck! We got a campsite!

Located between the entrance of Grand Teton National Park and Jackson, Gros Ventre was perfect for our week of exploring the area. 

Our first adventure was taking the gondola to the top of Jackson Hole Ski Resort. Our goal was to hike across the ridge and enjoy the view. Upon reaching to the top of the lift, the affects of the altitude began to take it's toll. 

As we began our ascent up the ridge, Aron was plagued with headaches that I attributed to a bit of altitude sickness. At nearly 10,000 feet, the thinness of the air set my lungs on fire. We turned back and opted to have lunch at the cafe instead. A much more "civilized" way to spend the afternoon!!!

I am sure, if you ask the boys, the highlight of the week was the white water river rafting trip out of Jackson. It did not disappoint. Our guide, Zach, was amazing. He let the boys be as crazy and daring as safety permitted. It was a blast. Along the river were bald eagles perched on the rocks, watching us as we passed.

These truely are the mountains of the imagination. The beauty is staggering. 

Grand Teton National Park
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